Protecting Your Business with Backflow Preventers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Contaminated water or chemicals in your water system is a nightmare for any Pittsburgh establishment—whether you’re running a commercial business or a family restaurant. One way to help prevent chemicals and contaminated water from entering your water system is with backflow preventers from ABC Fire.

What are Backflow Preventers?
Backflow preventers help protect against pollutants and chemicals in the water. Regardless of what type of pollutant enters your water system, it’s a costly situation that can result in a lot of damage. Unfortunately, that damage can apply to both property and human life.

Simply put, backflow preventers are a key device to have in any kitchen or commercial business. Chemicals can ultimately back up pipes and enter the drinking water when there is a sudden drop in water pressure. Backflow preventer installation will help put a stop to unwanted pollutants within your water system.

How do Backflow Preventers Work?
Backflow preventers are ingenious by design. It looks and functions similarly to the heart valve in the human body—it allows water to pass through in one direction, and closes when there is pressure making its way back through.

When water flows through the main line in the water system, the water is then siphoned through a branch line. Once a tap is turned on somewhere in your establishment for drinking, washing dishes, or any other reason, the water will carry any type of chemical or pollutant that is in it at the time. This is the exact point when potential danger looms, but backflow preventers can stop pollutants in their tracks.

How do you Stop Toxins from Entering the Water System?
The good news is that toxin and backflow prevention is simple with ABC Fire. You can contact us to install a backflow preventer at your Pittsburgh restaurant or commercial establishment. Once the system is in place, it prevents any type of pollutant from gaining access to your main water supply—keeping your staff and customers safe.

Backflow preventers should exist in places such as:

• Water fountains
• Hospitals
• Soda machines and dispensers
• Ice makers
• Coffee makers
• Sinks
• Fire sprinkler systems
• Wall hydrants
• And more

Operating a business without backflow preventers is a risky endeavor. Luckily, ABC Fire can help protect your business with quality backflow preventers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Contact us today for assistance.